TLW Naturally Grown, GMO-Free Produce

TLW operates farm sites that produce more than 30,000 pounds of food annually. We employ natural and sustainable production methods that deliver quality food, while also enhancing the environment. TLW growing practices are specifically designed for the urban environment. Anyone can implement our growing techniques using a shovel, rake, and hoe.
TLW relies on compost and bio/eco diversity to replenish the soil and combat pests. We collect tons of local vegetable waste and other natural materials to build soil rich in mineral content. Healthy soil and companion planting in our fields increases nutritional value and the taste of our food. TLW food is solely grown from heirloom seeds or our own seed stock. We do not use any hybrids or GMO products. Seeds we’ve grown and saved are planted in soil that we’ve created. By observing nature’s rules, TLW skips the entire menu of detrimental petrochemicals utilized in commercial agriculture.
Fresh Produce – A variety of organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers are grown on TLW farm sites year round. Produce is available for purchase by the pound at TLW markets or through Community Supported Agriculture subscriptions. TLW produces more than 35,000 pounds of fresh produce annually.
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – Individuals or families support the farm by paying in advance for produce grown throughout the season. CSA members may purchase either a full or half share of food or a Senior share.
Local Markets – Seasonal freshly picked produce is sold at farmers markets three times a week, year round. Market days create a communal focus on healthy food, nutrition, sharing knowledge and experiences to build better communities. TLW currently hosts weekly markets at Westside Provisions District Market, Ponce City Farmer’s Market on the Beltline, Freedom Farmers Market at the Carter Center, and at the Fire Station in East Point. Food is harvested and processed on-farm then transported to area markets within 24 hours of the harvest to ensure our customers get nutrition rich, fresh produce.
Restaurant/Wholesale Grocers – TLW’s seasonal produce and fresh herbs are a favorite of local restaurateurs, promoting support of the local economy and healthy, nutritional food and local grocers. TLW products are regularly sold to Sevanada and several food co-ops.