Nature’s Way Camp

TLW’s Nature’s Way Autism Camp
June 20-23 | June 27-30
Truly Living Well Center for Urban Agriculture has created a fun summer camp for children with autism!  Nature’s Way is a horticultural therapy camp where children connect with nature, plants, and plant related activities to learn, grow and play. The camp is for children ages 6-12,  June 20-23 and then again June 27-30.
TLW proudly joins the movement to improve the lives of children diagnosed with autism and support research to find an effective treatment. In partnership with Georgia State University, TLW is hosting two horticultural therapy camps for autistic children ages 6-12 over four days June 20-23 and then June 27-30.
The camps are designed to expose the children to the healing powers of digging in the dirt, being in fresh air, and watching food grow. Our campers will be served a naturally grown, organic farm to table lunch and experience arts and crafts in the open air of an urban farm.  Here is more information on Nature’s Way Day Camp.
The camp is free for families who choose to participate in a Nature Walk Study.
Building Human Health Through Urban and Community Forestry Study
The U.S. Forestry has commissioned a national study “Building Human Health Through Urban and Community Forestry” to address the effect of exposure to managed natural environments (MNE). The study will be held in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Nebraska. Researchers from Georgia State University are collaborating with community partners, Truly Living Well (Atlanta) and YMCA and Wild Intelligence (Athens) to conduct research in nature settings typical of urban and community forests. This research will be used to help nature groups provide services to and develop effective programs for children with autism. It’s important work because currently, no research addresses the effects of MNE on autism symptoms, nor is there any literature aimed at helping nature groups provide services to these children.  For details on the study contact Brian Barger, PhD, Research Assistant Professor at
For registration and more information, please email TLW or call 678-973-0997.