Young Urban Growers Initiative

TLW is creating a new generation of urban farmers by teaching children and youth to get their hands dirty. Our Young Urban Growers initiative is designed to teach students the importance of organic, locally grown food, and how to grow their own and become steward of a clean environment. The Young Growers program is a unique platform offering face-to-face instruction in both classroom and farm environments. The participants will interact with master urban farmers and be able to begin gardens and food projects on their own.
The Young Growers Initiative has created a garden curriculum for The Kindezi School in the Old Fourth Ward, the Frazer Center, Pittman Park Community Center, Boys and Girls Clubs at Harland and Thomasville, and Langston Hughes High School. The Atlanta Community Food Bank will also be teaming up with TLW to help our young growers understand the issues of hunger and advocacy. For more information contact us at