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The Boulevard Food Co-op (BFC) was created to reduce hunger among people living at or below the poverty line and to promote food security, individual dignity, civic participation and accountability. It began as an outgrowth of Atlanta Councilman Kwanza Hall’s YoBoulevard! initiative to reduce poverty, crime, and hunger along the Boulevard corridor in the Old Fourth Ward. In 2012, a coalition of residents, faith and community based organizations including and local government began working together to affect measurable improvement within the Bedford Pines 2,600 member low-income community located on Boulevard. The coalition identified hunger as a major barrier in overcoming poverty.
In August 2014, Truly Living Well received a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service to help the community developing a food co-op. TLW used a place based, person centered approach to community engagement to galvanize residents around the food co-op  idea. In November, 2014 the Boulevard Food Co-op launched its’ first distribution to 15 families. This initiative, in partnership with Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) and TLW, provides packaged food and fresh produce to Co-op members twice a month. AmeriCorps VISTAs work to improve health outcomes by providing info on healthy food options and nutrition  education to co-op and community members.  
The co-op has grown from 15 to 60 families with more on the waiting list!
For detailed insight about how the Boulevard Food Co-Op works, check out our information sheet here.
Hot Sauce in the City Initiative
Hot Sauce in the City creates high quality, fresh, authentic hot sauces, made with natural and organic locally sourced ingredients. The initiative is a community based solution to fund hunger reduction in the Old Fourth Ward. Proceeds of the project help sustain the Boulevard Food Co-op, provide jobs to OFW residents, support local farmers, and deliver an outstanding product to the consumer market. A coalition of OFW partners, TLW, Councilman Kwanza Hall’s Year of Boulevard, Old Fourth Ward Business Association and Boulevard Food Co-op, members are working with others to make the project a success!
In April 2016, BFC members and O4W Business Association Member Chefs created a Recipe Competition to create the best tasting hot sauce in the city!  A panel of local celebrity judges and the general public selected the best recipe for the first product!
burma head, matt ruppert hot sauce

First place winner Burma Head, Matt Ruppert, Josh Stockman created “Burmanoni’s Wheat St. Heat and Repeat”

To reserve a bottle of hot sauce or make a donations to help support BFC, send an email to carol@trulylivingwell.com or call 678.973.0997